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Two Innovative Telemedicine Programs That Bring Care to You!

Same Day In-Home Medical Exams
When you or your loved one needs care right away but is too ill or too frail to leave home, call BHC! Our care team members can bring the clinic to your doorstep using our Telemedicine Examination kit. The kit contains all the devices necessary to enable our BHC doctor at the clinic to conduct a thorough physical exam while you are in your residence. You’ll see and speak with the doctor on the kit’s video
screen while the care team member uses the kit’s vital sign devices and diagnostic instruments to “present” you to the remotely located doctor. It’s easy, safe, HIPAA compliant and so convenient. Call 718-306-6220 for more information about this service.


Hours of In-Home Medical Exams: TBD

See Specialists at BHC Using Telemedicine

BHC is now offering appointments with specialists right here at the Center. The specialist will see and examine you using video, medical
cameras, and stethoscopes connected to a telemedicine cart in our exam room, assisted by our care team. Not only does this increase your access to the specialist you need, but you will be seen sooner,, and follow-up care will be coordinated by your local care team here at BHC.
Specialty Providers who will offer appointments at BHC:





Call 718-306-6220 for more information.

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